About Mage-Devs

Our mission is to establish reliable and long-lasting business relations with our clients by providing them with high-quality and cost-effective e-commerce solutions.

Mage-Devs delivers cutting-edge Magento solutions to online stores, e-commerce, and digital agencies around the world. As a part of SSA Group, we have the expert resources and global coverage for producing exceptional products and services to help our clients simplify, strengthen, and transform their business processes. Our team enables organizations to meet today’s digital economy demands by maximizing the value of their brand and assuring sustainable growth for their e-commerce business.

Our Numbers

1 and 2 Magento versions

10 years of e-commerce experience

Dozens of happy customers from 5 continents

100s of successful projects

How we work

Project Based

Support Packages


See more details about the ways of cooperation and our engagement models on the website of SSA Group.

Our Team


Lead Developers

Responsible for ensuring the features developed by the team correspond to the highest quality standards possible and the and principles, and practices the team members should be committed to are closely followed. 


Back-end developers

Responsible for building and maintaining the technology needed to power the logic and integration of components which enable the user-facing side of the application and website to exist and operate. 


Front-end developers

Create and implement visual elements and user-facing functionality that users see, experience, and interact with in a web application and website. 


Project managers

Have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, execution, controlling, and closure of a project making sure every project is delivered on time, within budget and scope. 


UX/UI Designers

Are in charge of executing all visual design stages from conceptualizing original website and app design to resolving complex engineering roadblocks. 


QA specialists

Responsible for ensuring our products and services meet the outlined quality, reliability, and usability standards assuring the released solution has no technical and performance issues.