Mage-Devs at MageConf: Insights & Results

Mage-Devs at MageConf: Insights & Results

MageConf took place in Kiev on December 16, 2017, having provided technology experts from 6 European countries with the chance to come together for gaining new insights, perspectives, and best practices and for discussing their ideas with peers. The Mage-Devs team from SSA Group has also attended the event. 

The wide range of topics was presented by the speakers during MageConf, including: Magento cloud, testing in Magento, migration of data from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Magento Functional Testing Framework, working with GIT, White Label, Magento test framework and many others.  


Our team found the topics presented quite informative and interesting as many speakers were directly involved in development of Magento products. The Mage-Devs team pointed out, that the information provided was indeed valuable and practically applicable, although speakers also incorporated some advertising elements into their presentations. 


During the report on working with GIT non-trivial commands, that are rarely used, but still can be useful in certain situations, were thoroughly examined.  


On the workshop devoted to the data transfer from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Mage-Devs team could personally see how Data Migration Tool was used on practice in real working environment. Since today many online stores are transferring their eCommerce platforms from the first to the second version of Magento and the number of such transfers is expected to grow, the data provided during the workshop was very relevant and important. 


During the workshop on creation of frontend grid in Magento 2, the presenters demonstrated and explained the best approaches and solutions on how to generate a data grid in frontend of Magento 2. 


After the report on White Label, one of our colleagues addressed his question about code realization of White Label pattern to the speaker. The speaker shared some ideas on basic principles of White Label, on how developers need to use this pattern, and where they need to save the code for manufacture and brands.  


However, the topic on Memory optimization in Magento 2 our colleagues found somewhat insufficient, as major part of the presentation was dedicated not to disclosing the key memory optimization principles for Magento, but mostly to memory optimization in PHP. 


After the presentation, the guys had a chance to speak with other conference participants and to discuss the modern digital trends and practices on how to deliver a seamless customer experience using latest Magento and PHP technologies. 


MageConf was not only a place for education, but for fun as well. Every participant, having registered to the conference, got many pleasant gifts such as bags, notebooks, balloons, and many others. Furthermore, during the event everyone could take a quiz, having scanned QR codes on the special desk, and receive additional presents if passed successfully. 


MageCong was over with a great afterparty where all the participants of the conference could gather together for relaxing and having talks in a less formal atmosphere after an exhausting, but very productive day.