Magento Extension Development

Magento Extension Development

Magento extensions development is an important part of any serious Magento project. You may want to integrate your own customized functions and features that no other Magento store has and make your online store unique.

Our team has an extensive experience in creating innovative extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions such as:

  • Blog (posts, archives, multi-categories)
  • News
  • SEO
  • Account Credits (similar to StoreCredits functionality in Magento Enterprise)
  • Returns (customer returns product/s directly to retailer)
  • Exchanges (customer returns product/s directly to retailer, retailer exchanges it)
  • Invitations (applying StoreCredits)
  • Waitlist
  • Custom reporting tool in the backend
  • Custom catalog module (administrator is tag-based instead of being category-based)
  • Internal messaging system for backend users
  • Custom ordering of products for specified categories (tags)
  • Slideshows for various categories (tags)
  • Registration form for backend users (request for registration)
  • AuthorizeCIM: extent of customer’s billing addresses to attach their CCs, stored in CIM
  • Banners management and rotating ADs
  • Messaging system

We always listen to and hear our clients, and deliver Magento extensions that fully match requirements of our clients.

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